Project Dining Room Table

Well, the month of June has come and gone in just a blink of the eye. I don’t remember ever being this busy! Things have finally seemed to taper off a tad, enough to let me at least get caught up a little around here. I have been quite anxious to begin my dining room table project and I finially found the time to do it!
I started with a table I found at Habitat for Humanity for $45. It was in good shape just not the size I wanted.
So I started by taking the old table top off.
Then I found lumber that I had laying around that worked perfect! Just the right length so I didn’t have to cut and with the four boards put together they were the right width!
Then I painted it a creamy white color called “Cinnamon Burst.” Which I already had from painting a room in our house!

It didn’t take long for the paint to dry since it was hot and sunny outside where I worked on it. So I was able to move it inside rather quickly. My farmhouse table is now complete and I am quite please with the outcome! Total price: $45!

Now, instead of craming 6 people around a small round table, we can comfortably seat company. And as our family grows I am sure this table will be in the center of it all as we eat, play, talk, and love each other!

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