My First Sewing Project

A couple months ago I finally bought my first sewing machine! I have always wanted to learn how to sew, but never followed through with learning. This Halloween I decided to make a cape for our son’s costume. {He was Super Wyatt.}

I had my mom come over to help direct, but I did all the sewing. After two hours and a back ache it was finished! It turned out great! {Yes, there were some opportunities, but who’s counting?}

I had bought a pajama set from Wal Mart and ironed on felt to cover the Hippo that was on the front of the shirt to make his Super Hero Emblem. I used the rest of the felt to create a mask. Over all the package was perfect! I couldn’t be more happy with how it all turned out!
Of course, our son being so excited had to pose in the mirror for what seemed like forever. Then he proceeded to run around the house yelling, “I’m super Wyatt! I am going to save the world!”
Absolutely priceless!

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