Bathroom Revamp

We bought our house a year and a half ago and before we moved in we made a ton of changes. One room that needed a change was the bathroom. Although we didn’t change much what we did change was a vast improvement. After removing the wall paper we painted the walls a light cream. Then we removed the minty green toilet and installed a new white one. We were happy enough with the results.


Well, lately I have been really liking the two panel look for a shower especially since we have a window in the shower. I love the natural light. So, while I was at Target the other day I found a cream shear panel that was 60×84 inches on clearance and bought it. I cut it in half and sewed up the edges two make it into two panels. I got another shower rod and curtain clips and hung one on either side. It looked great, but it was still lacking something.
Then I found the missing link! Several years ago I had used two panel drapes for our living room before we moved and had put them away because they did not fit any windows that we currently have. I came across them other day and was going to put them into the donate pile when I had a thought. These could work in the bathroom and may be just what it is missing.


In no time flat I realized this was exactly what it needed! It looks fabulous! The tub, sink, and floor are all green  and needed something that would complement their color. These drapes did the trick! It made a plain ordinary bathroom dress right up!
We do have plans in the future to update the floor and put in a pedistal sink to open it up even more. Right now with a baby on the way that isn’t a priority yet. The two panel drapes will do just fine for now!


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