BEAUTIFUL Sunday Afternoon

Yesterday it was FABULOUS outside! Almost 70 degrees, sunshine, fresh air, and a brisk breeze! To beautiful to spend all day indoors! After church we went to Papa and Nana’s like we always do, and after dinner out we went!
Wyatt had a ball outside looking for rocks and just walking around. So much fun he didn’t want to go in when it was time. I can’t really blame him.

{Rock collecting}

{Playing at his cabin}

{Wyatt with Daddy}

{Love this kid!}

{Wyatt and Mama}

After we got home, we took Wyatt for a wagon ride. We went almost two miles around the neighborhood. I realized shortly after we began our walk that it was much more than I bargained for. My legs were SO tired after we got back, I was pretty well spent. But, in my defense I am carrying an extra load so I feel justified!
It was so refreshing to get out and enjoy the great outdoors! I think spring really is around the corner!


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