A Little Fun at Home

The last month or so has been literally a marathon, or at least that is how it feels. I don’t remember ever being this busy and I know it isn’t going to get any better as Wyatt gets older and with a baby soon to be here. As busy as it has been, we still make sure we take time for fun. One of Wyatt’s favorite things to do lately is play games. I know why too, he ALWAYS wins!
He is the Candy Land King and there is no match for him at Matching. He also loves Go Fish. One of the latest games he just got, Richard Scarry’s Busytown Eye Found It, has become a new favorite too! I don’t know how it happens, but he always wins. Once and a while Nick or I can pull out a win, but not too often.

{No match for him!}


{Love this kid!}

{ Candy Land King}

We tried something fun the other day with baking soda and vinegar. Wyatt loved it! I got a glass pie plate and covered the bottom with baking soda. I filled a few cups with vinegar and added food coloring. Then using a medicine dropper he was able to create a bubbly work of art! So much fun!

{Bubbly Fun!}

{He would have done this all day!}

We have been doing a lot of painting too. He painted his Thank You cards for his Birthday Party. It took all week to do, he could only do a few at a time and that was fine. He created some outstanding pieces! I don’t think I could throw paint together like that and get such vibrant and cool brush strokes as he!

As you can see it takes great concentration and use of tongue to creat such masterful pieces! I find he does this a lot when he paints! {I just realized he is wearing the same shirt in those pictures. These were all done on different days. As you can see he loves his Superhero T-shirts!}
Did I mention we finished Charlotte’s Web and we are almost all the way through The Mouse and the Motorcycle!? It is crazy how fast Wyatt is growing up. He can snap and zip his pants all by himself now, he can unbotton his clothes and put his socks on too!
He is all about being a boy. “Daddy and I are boys,” is something I hear constantlly. As well as, “Daddy and I will do _____  because we are boys.” His “boys” sounds almost like “Boyas”  as he puts a little more emphasis on that word.
His manners are out of this world. Very seldom will he miss saying his pleases and thank-yous, but he will also go much further and thank you for things you wouldn’t think a young four year old would think of. Yesterday he tells Nana and Papa, “Thank you for dinner. Thank you for taking me to the park. Thank you, Papa, for taking me down the dark slide.” He is so sweet, and tells me I am “beautiful” and will say that he loved my “recipe.”
I am looking forward to tomorrow since it should be a fairly nice day. If it works out, Wyatt is going to help me plant some flowers. He is very excited because he just purchased a watering can with some of his birthday money. It was only $1, but it made his day. Love how the simpliest things make him so happy!

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