38 Weeks!

Well, today is gorgeous and Nick happens to have the day off so, we are getting things done! For lunch today we decided to go down to the lake and have a pic-nic! Wyatt was excited, he loves pic-nics. Couldn’t ask for a better day for such an occasion!

{Wyatt and Daddy}

{Nick and I}

We are also at 38 weeks now. Counting down the days to delivery! I am ready anytime. Friday and Saturday were very rough for me. I had acute pains inside my right hip and could not even walk without struggle. I can’t explain what it was, all I know it HURT!  It has gotten better, although I feel it a little bit now. Other than that everything is going great. I had to reschedule our doctors appointment. for Friday late afternoon, so I won’t know anything more about how I am coming. As of last Monday, I was dialated to 2 and 50% effaced.

{38 weeks}

{38 weeks}

There was one thing I had hanging out before the baby came that I needed to tackel and that was a Big Brother shirt for Wyatt. I came across an idea to make our own since I wasn’t about to pay more than $15 for a shirt already premade. {Call me cheap if you want, I call it thrifty.}

Anyways, I used crayons, fine sand paper, and a white t-shirt. I wrote on the sand paper with the crayons backwards, placed the sand paper face down on the shirt, then I layed a tea towel over it and ironed on the words. After that I put it in the dryer for about 30 minutes to set. I did find some color where I didn’t want it, but overall I think it turned out cute.


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