Josie: 1 Week Old

Our little Josie is just over a week old now and is doing great! We went to her first check up yesterday and she is back up to her birth weight of 6lbs 4oz. She is a little jaundice so we were sent over to the lab for blood work and later that evening the doctor called back and told us she wanted us to go back to the lab in two days to be tested again to see if it is going away on its own.

She has been eating great, she never fusses unless she needs something, and she has been sleeping well at night. I only have to get up with her once or twice. She is a such good baby!

Wyatt has been a big help and stepping into his role as ‘Big Brother’ rather well. He throws away the dirty diapers for us. He loves to hold her hand and give her kisses. Yesterday he said, “She is so cute! I missed her when she was in your belly!” He loves her so much!
Over all things are going great with Josie. I will keep you updated as best I can with any further news as we go!


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