Josie is 2 Months Old!

The days seem to be flying by because here we are and our little girl is already two months old. Is there a pause button somewhere??? Josie is doing great and is so good natured! She never cries unless she is hungry or in need of a diaper change. She does scowl a lot, but I have decided that her big brother already annoys her.

{2 Months!}
{The Infamous “Scowl”}

Josie is taking her time growing which is nice. She is just now starting to grow out of her newborn clothes and is no longer in newborn diapers. She has been smiling a lot and starting to coo. There has been a couple times where I am pretty sure she actually laughed!

She loves it outside and isn’t a big fan of lying down, she likes to see what’s going on. She has been sporadic on her sleeping patterns though. When she first came home she was going 6-6.5 hours each night, then when it got hot it went to 3-4 hours. We are doing better again, but it fluctuates back and forth.

{2 Months!}

Today was Josie’s two month appointment. After researching and talking about the vaccinations we decided to go ahead with them on a alternative schedule. We didn’t like the idea of how many shots there are at once and the vaccine cocktail she was supposed to get so we opted out of a couple for now. I see both sides of the vaccine debate and I have no idea which is the best way to go. There is equal amounts of information out there and it doesn’t make it easy to make a decision.

Talk about heart wrenching though! My poor baby girl looking at me through tears like I had betrayed her. It was tough, but we made it to the other side.

{First time down at the dock}

On a lighter note she weighs 10 lbs. 8 oz. and is 22 3/4 inches long. She has finally met my birth weight! She has good head control and is on target with everything else. The doctor doesn’t think she has thrush now just a milk residue since it never got on the inside of her cheeks or roof of her mouth. At the last appointment we thought she had it, but decided to combat it naturally instead of giving her Nyastin. So I have been taking acidophilus and rubbing coconut oil on her tongue to help and it seems to be.

She is a joy to have around! I am loving every minute of it!


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