Going to the Dentist: Wyatt’s 1st Visit!

Saturday we went to Saginaw for one of my family reunions and while we were there and just about ready to go Wyatt hit his mouth on the top of one of the pic-nic tables. At first we thought he just bit his lip a bit, but after looking further we noticed a loose tooth. It wasn’t really loose, but loose enough for us to be concerned. We figured if it didn’t tighten up on its own we would call on Monday for a dentist appointment.
Well, today is Monday and it was still loose. So I called and set him up for an appointment to check out his loose tooth and get his very first cleaning. I have to say it went really well! He took it pretty serious at first and wouldn’t smile for me. {Yep, I am one of “those” moms who take pictures at dentist appointments!}

{Not too sure}

{Got his tooth brush!}

{No cavities!}

It took a little coaxing to brush his teeth with the spinning tooth brush, but he did it. He didn’t like the bubble gum tooth paste, but he did like the water sprayer. He really did a great job. After the cleaning the dentist came in and checked for cavities. NO CAVITIES!!! Yay! He did find that he had two other top teeth that were a little loose in addition to the one we found, but they weren’t as loose. He said he should be find just take it easy for the next few days and keep an eye out for little “pimples” above his teeth on the gums and inside his upper lip and if there was any nerve damage it may turn a little brown. Other than that no worries! So thankful for that!


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