December was a productive month for our family. In the way of milestones that is. We are very happy to say Wyatt is officially, yes, OFFICIALLY completely potty trained. What I mean by that is no more pull-ups, no more wet bedding, no more wet jammies! It has been over a month with only one accident! I couldn’t be happier. It has been several months that we cut out the pull-ups, but after a few weeks of progress we put Josie in Wyatt’s room and then regressed.  But once you take away pull-ups, there is no going back. So day after day, for about three weeks I was cleaning bedding while my regular laundry piled up around me. Boy am I glad we finally made it!

Our incentive this time around, instead of prizes, we did “outings”. It started off five days in a row, then six, and so on. We have been to the Call of the Wild a lot lately. I am glad we have a free pass until March!

Josie had the other major milestone. In December she turned seven months. Yes, that is a milestone, but not the big one: She is finally sitting up all by herself! Whoo hoo! She has been a little wobbly, but now she has a more sturdy foundation. Such a big girl!

She has also started forming sounds: Da-da-da-da-da-daaa. She’s blowing spit bubbles, squeals, and laughs so hard at her brother.

Thursday she turned eight months old. Seems hard to believe. She loves watching people talk, loves TV, loves baths. She is scooting, more like pushing herself backwards, all over the living room. I can foresee child proofing in my near future. I have to admit it has been easy not having to make sure she isn’t getting into anything. I packed up the bouncer and play gym a couple days ago, which freed up a lot of much needed space in the living room.

She isn’t sleeping well at night, but she was sick for a good week and that effected her appetite. She wasn’t eating solids and would only nurse, so I have been up multiple times at night to nurse her. Exhausting! Good news is since she is feeling better her appetite is coming back, and I am hopeful she will start sleeping longer between feedings again.

The cliche` is true. Time goes fast. But it goes even faster with two kids than it does with one. And I am sure the more kids you have the faster time goes. But, I am loving every minute of it.


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