Josie is 10 months old!

Josie is now 10 months old! Our little girl is growing leaps and bounds! She has had her third tooth just break through her gums up top. A week ago she stood up all by herself with out holding on to anything! A few days ago we got out Wyatt’s push cart that he had before he walked, and Josie has started to use it!

Her favorite room she seems to be drawn to, mostly because it is forbidden, is the bathroom. We now have to keep the door closed. She is sensitive and easily frustrated. If she falls down or slips on something she immediately starts crying. Wyatt can make her cry at a drop of a hat, but that is only because he can’t leave her alone.

There is nothing anymore that is safe from her. She is into everything! So unlike her big brother. She is a squirmy worm. She can’t hold still. My biceps are well toned due to her constant squirms in Sunday school and in church.

We got her hair up in her first pony tail last night! It hard to believe how long her hair is for only being 10 months old.

We are finally getting into some sort of a nap routine. She is a tough one to get down. She has had a couple nights this week she slept all night. That was fantastic! I wish more nights were like that. It is sad they are so rare. She is still up three to four times a night. And she will not go back down with out nursing her back to sleep. Don’t worry, I have tried everything else to no avail. 
We have introduced the sippy cup. She will chew on it and drink from it occasionally. I plan to breast feed up to a year so we are working on transitioning now. I think I am ready. The more teeth she gets the more reason to wean! Bites hurt!
Can’t believe it, only two more months and she will be a year old! Yikes! 


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