11 Months!

Our little Josie is now 11 months old! Hard to believe at the end of the month we will be celebrating her first year!

 Happy to say with the last week we have gained much in sleep and routine. After trying many different ways to get her to sleep and failing I finally resorted to the Cry-It-Out method of sleep training. I have to say my prayers were answered, because after waking up nightly absolutely exhausted, God has granted me new energy to persevere this last week. And it’s working! I started with her naps since I was already awake. Then continued with the same methods at night. She has made SO much progress, the night before last, I actually got a six hour block of sleep! {…Happy Dance…}

She is still nursing, but about a month or so ago we introduced the sippy cup. She still doesn’t like the taste of milk, but she has been taking drinks of water on her own. One step at a time.

She took her first steps April 28! And a couple nights ago she walked across her bedroom floor! She gets so excited and gets ahead of herself because she tries to run and falls. But she is doing great!

She loves music and loves to dance. At church, during worship songs she tries to sing along. I think she has a musical gene in her.

Oh, yeah, and she doesn’t like grass, or trees, or even touching the ground! She is 100% girl! When we stand her on the ground she lifts one foot up as far as she can so she is touching it as minimally as possible. It is so funny to watch her.

Can’t wait to see what the rest of the month brings. Our little girl is growing leaps and bounds. It is going way faster than Wyatt’s first year that is for sure!

Until then…

Enjoy your day!


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