Nearly a Year and a Half!

Josie is going to be a year and a half at the end of the month. Her personality abounds! She is quite busy through out the day which means that I am also busy. She is my troublemaker. Always into something she shouldn’t be. It seems she has a sixth sense about when the bathroom door is left open. I have caught her twice playing in the toilet water… Yuck! {I about died.}

We have to be proactive about where we place things like drinks. She wants so badly to be a big girl and drink out of a cup like everyone else. She doesn’t care if it is coffee or not if she can get to it and if there is anything left, she will drink it. {Well, she’ll drink whatever makes it into her mouth.}

Josie loves dancing. She is self taught. Any music comes on or if you just sing she will cut loose! She’ll even grab your hand and make you dance with her. Her and  Wyatt dance together a lot too.

She is getting harder to photograph. Over half the pictures I take are blurry because she can’t hold still. She loves looking at the screen and laughs hysterically when she sees her picture I just took.

We are still doing two naps. She has a day here and there that she just won’t go to sleep. She will play and talk to herself. She has an interesting habit of taking the clothes out of the dirty clothes hamper next to her bed. When I get her after she wakes up or when we put Wyatt to bed after she falls asleep at night we have to pull several pieces of clothing out and put them back into the hamper. She has always cried herself to sleep and cried when she woke up. Lately, however, she has been surprising us by just talking herself to sleep. At night if we say, “Josie, time to go na-night.” She walks down the hall and into her room. Big difference from just saying the words bedtime she would throw herself back with a “Ehhhh” and find “something” to do to be “busy”. It’s cute.

She makes funny faces, imitates everyone. She will even point and yell at Wyatt if he makes her mad. {Furrowed brow and everything.} She doesn’t take any gruff from anyone or anything. She’ll give it right back. Although she is serious a lot of the time, she really does smile and laugh.

Josie will play with all of Wyatt’s toys. Hers? Ehhh, who cares about those? I picked up a second Magna Doodle at the Mom 2 Mom sale a month ago, and I am so glad! If Wyatt is playing with his, guess what? Josie has to get hers out and draw too. I can’t imagine life with only one! They draw on them all the time!

I can tell already they will be fighting tooth and nail as they get older. The signs are there. Those will not be fun times! She already pulls things close to her if she thinks you are going to take it. Of course she’ll add a “Ehhh.” As if she is saying, “Mine.”

I have seen her a couple times now playing the sad card. I have never seen anything like it before. One day out of the blue I saw her looking down with the saddest look on her face. I asked her what was wrong and she would look at me and pout looking like she was about to cry. Then she would walk a little and pout some more, all the while looking completely sad. She would actually stop herself and make herself as sad as she could. Almost as if on purpose. So strange.

Josie hasn’t broken the 20 lb. mark yet. She has weighed about the same the last six months. She seems happy at nearly 19 lbs.  She is a little peanut! She is due for a well baby checkup about now. At the last appointment I didn’t schedule one in advance. I was thinking we would have sold our house and moved by now, but that hasn’t happened yet. Now I am struggling with whether or not to continue her vaccinations. I am completely torn over the issue. I want to do what is best for her. Yet, I don’t know what is best. I keep leaning towards not vaccinating, but then I think “What if?” I will continue to pray about it and seek Gods direction.

She is getting two more teeth in on the bottom, they will make a grand total of 12. She knows where her nose, eyes, ears, mouth, hands and feet are. Can follow basic instructions like “Please, put the book away,” or “Please throw this away.” Playing peek-a-boo is a lot of fun too.

So, words she can say? Well, she still has a small vocabulary but says: sock, Wyatt, mama, dada, wow, baby, cup, car, shoe. She tries to say “What’s that?” She waves and gives hugs and kisses. She will throw her dirty diaper away and she loves baths! She will not keep a hair tie in, and she looks like Cousin It without one.

She is such a sweet pea, I love her so much! Can’t wait to see what’s next!


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