Getting Ready for Christmas!

Today was a busy day. I wasn’t anticipating it being that way, but one thing led to another and here we are. Started off picking up the house, then decided to do school during Josie’s first nap instead in the afternoon. It went really well. In fact I was blown away! When he puts his mind to it and does his best, he amazes me. We learned to write the letter “R” today. And below is his cursive capital and little “r”. 

Nick and Wyatt made pipe cleaner creations the day before. Let me introduce to you, Prince Wyatt!

We were watching Rudolf earlier and Wyatt put together his chairs, added his bed pillow, and they both sat next to each other watching the show. It was a brief moment of brother sister love. A few minutes later Wyatt decided he didn’t like Josie sitting on his blanket and well, she ended up on the floor…

I had this crazy idea that we would put up our Christmas Tree. We opted for the big one this year. Wyatt was a super helper with decorating. Josie sure got excited when she found the stockings. She drug them around the house on her tippie toes squealing with excitement. Oh, and yeah, we do fake here.

We have some training to do. Josie wanted to pull the bead strands and pull off some of the ornaments.

Love, love, LOVE this time of year!


2 thoughts on “Getting Ready for Christmas!

  1. Fake is the way to go! We did a real tree once and found it didn't have that scent everyone had told us about and my mom and I had rashes on our arms after decorating. Then, of course, we found pine needles in the carpet forever afterward. After that experience, I am a die hard fake tree person. (And with fake you can put it up and take it down whenever you want!)
    Alexi and I helped my mom put her tree up, so we also have been working on the “if the ornament is on the tree it needs to stay there.” So far she is doing okay with it at mom's house.


  2. I would love to do a real one once. Maybe someday. I actually had a needle problem with this fake one… Josie is doing pretty good. She was taking the ornaments off, but mostly now just pointing and looking. So hard for little ones to not touch so many pretty things!


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