Sposato Family Christmas

This years Christmas started off super busy. During the month of December we had several outreach opportunities at church which where so much fun! We had the ladies annual Christmas Tea which was called the Cozy Cottage Christmas Tea. I shared my testimony and helped with the decorating. I hadn’t had that much fun in a long time. Much needed adult time for me!

We then went caroling around Comins the Wednesday before Christmas. That too was super fun. Wyatt pulled the wagon full of “goodies” that we gave to each house. Surprisingly he lasted the whole way with no complaints! Then we had the DHS gift pick up the next day where I helped prepare/prep the food we served. Both days were busy and exhausting, but I enjoyed it immensely!

The morning of Christmas Eve Wyatt woke up first and went out to plug the lights in on the tree. We heard him inhale sharply followed by squeals of joy. He had noticed two small packages under the tree. He danced around singing, “I love Christmas, I love Christmas! It’s Jesus’ birthday, it’s Jesus’ birthday! I love giving, giving, giving!” He was thrilled over two little presents under the tree. It made me think. Children don’t need a ton of gifts to be happy. His first guess of what it was? A blanket. He would have been happy with a blanket! Sure puts things in perspective. 
We went to Christmas Eve service that night in Comins. It didn’t take too long and we were all at the back of the church enjoying what we could between shushing the kids. We had company which made it less painful. I wish I could say I really enjoyed myself, but honestly I am not sure I actually heard much of the messages in between singing carols. Someday our children will be older and capable of sitting still and quietly… Hopefully.

We  came home after service and had the kids open their small gifts {jammies} before they went to bed. Unfortunately it did not go how I envisioned it. Wyatt of course was stoked. Josie screamed from the time she was awakened getting out of her car seat, through me opening her gift of jammies and putting them on, until I laid her down in her crib. Yeah, that went well!

Nick and I then finished re-picking up the house, since everything I did the day before so I wouldn’t have to Christmas Eve was undid. Then, we put the gifts under the tree and went to bed.

We were waken just a little after 7am to Wyatt and Josie up and ready to go. Christmas Day had officially begun!

We had gotten Josie a shopping cart, but couldn’t wrap it. So, of course that was the first thing she saw. She started pushing it all around the house and was loving it. She was loving it so much, she didn’t want to stop to open anything else. When we tried giving her a present to open she would push it away. She didn’t want to stop pushing her cart! Finally little by little she started coming around to the idea of opening presents. She really wasn’t that into it.

Wyatt got a nice plush Batman robe! 

 Josie liked her new slippers. Hopefully the dog will leave these ones alone…

After we were done opening gifts, I made breakfast. Cinnamon Bun Pancakes! Yum! They were so delicious!

After breakfast we started to call family that we wouldn’t be seeing. Then my family came to celebrate the rest of the day about 10:30 am. We had a great time. Wyatt and Josephine played all sorts of games. We had lasagna  for a late lunch. And of course we had to play a game of Monopoly,which Wayland won. Again.

By the end of the day Josie finally got the whole gift opening process. {Yes, we still have a pumpkin…}

What a fun day celebrating Jesus’ birthday! It was really great!

Love and hugs!


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