Days of Our Lives

These days have been a blur. My mind has officially checked out. As much as I would love to say I am an organized person, my messy life quickly reminds me that I far from. I have had less on my plate than I have in a long time, but for some reason my brain still thinks in overdrive, missing important pieces in its rush to manage what is in front of me.

Despite my most recent flaws, we have been plugging away. We have tried making the most of some unexpected free time due to illnesses. And have enjoyed it immensely.


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Well as these days go by, I find how important it is to focus on them more than anything else. We only have a short time with them while they are young. It is so easy to get wrapped up in so much other stuff, and even if it is all good stuff, it can consume you in a negative way.

I found this blog post here that really spoke to my heart. I have been too much of a Martha with not enough Mary. Not only have I found spending a good amount of time first thing in the morning with scripture is profoundly refreshing while spurring growth, but setting time each morning with my kids in the Word is wonderful for them too. It isn’t just starting their day off well by doing devotions or reading with them, it is establishing a routine that hopefully with be with them their whole life. Showing that starting their day with Jesus is best, and seeing mom and dad doing it, shows them that it is important even as they grow.

Establishing patterns for the heart that we hope will hold all the days of their lives.


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