Birthday Girl!

Three years ago seems forever ago really, but at the same  time it has gone so fast! Hard to believe our little girl is three. She is full of surprises. She is trouble. She is sweet. Our Josie girl one of a kind. Dresses like a girl, plays like a boy. Loves, swimming, dirt, dinosaurs, and tutus. Can count to 18, knows her ABC’s up to G and is so not potty trained. She can sing Jesus Loves Me and loves to Nuggle {snuggle}. While she doesn’t play with dolls much, she likes to play with cars. 

Her favorite breakfast is Bran Bran {Raisin Bran} which she can say correctly and can eat three bowls. She likes to sleep with dinosaurs, and loves Elsa and Anna.



P1240888 P1240890 P1240894 P1240933








Happy Birthday Josie Girl!


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