Our Curriculum Came!

It always feels like Christmas when our curriculum comes. I wondered if it would feel the same way this time after the year we have had, but it did! Both Wyatt and I were excited to open up the boxes and look everything over. Wyatt couldn’t wait to get it all out of the boxes.

I was super excited about the All About Reading and All About Spelling that was coming. I think they must be a fantastic company to work for. When ordering, if you ask super nice in the additional comment section, the shipping department will draw a picture on the side of your box! So neat! We requested a drawing of our three “girls”!
Wyatt wanted to start school immediately! I asked him what happened to taking a break, and he said,”Well, five days. We’ll start again in five days.”

I actually wouldn’t mind starting a little earlier. That would give us more flexibility.

When ordering our curriculum I totally anticipated it being a bit more than buying a complete curriculum like we have been. But, really we saved about $100. We did a complete transformation and cut and pasted from several sources. Which in a way is funny, because if you would have asked me just over two years ago when we were first looking into curriculum if I would ever customize I would have laughed and said, “NO WAY! There is way too many options and that would make things too complicated!”

And here we are!

2nd grade


We have:

Handwriting Without Tears 
All About Reading Level 2
All About Spelling Level 1
A Beka Arithmetic 2
Liberty Kids DVD 
Apologia Exploring Creation with Astronomy
Grapevine Studies Level 1 Creation to Jacob for Bible hasn’t arrived yet, but that looks like it will be fun. It is stick figuring through the bible.

Can’t wait to prep and organize for the coming school year! I am hoping and praying that this will be a tremendous help to Wyatt. We are still working on completing our Vision Therapy program and are finally starting to get back on track after a falling off the wagon a bit. We are in our 9th month and the program is supposed to be a 6-9 months. Needless to say, we are looking at a few more months at the rate we are going.

We have had progress, but progress is slow. I think he is on the younger side of things so we are trying our best to work out the wiggles and goofiness that seems to take hold more than it should during our therapy sessions. We have recently tried a weighted vest, which seemed to help keep him still.

 AAR and AAS are Orton Gillingham programs which are highly acclaimed by both parents and teachers for their approach on teaching reading and spelling. They are a great multi sensory program for children with dyslexia and other learning disabilities and are even great for children without struggles at all. They have a great website full of ideas and suggestions to help struggling learners and ways to make learning fun and enjoyable for both parents and students.

Apologia is a wonderful curriculum for science and teaches with a creationist perspective. Wyatt is super excited about this in particular. He LOVES science.

Handwriting Without Tears we started briefly and already Wyatt had a changed attitude with writing.

We are sticking with A Beka for Arithmetic. He did really well with it this last year so we will stick with it.

Liberty Kids will be a fun way to learn about our founding fathers and how our country came to be.


I have heard fantastic things about all the above and am looking forward to conquering Second Grade with Wyatt! I would recommend homeschooling to anyone. School isn’t cookie cutter for every kid. Which is what you get at public school. While I know some pretty fabulous teachers, one size does not fit all with children and the way they learn.


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