Got Our Camp On!

Well, it has only been two years since we have camped last, but we finally made it happen! Life has been too busy and we have to knock that off! We had our annual family reunion last weekend. We had a great time. Even in the midst of potty training! Now that takes guts!

P1250659This time I have to say I was super organized. The most I have ever been! Some major must do’s I would recommend to anyone:

  1. You have seen them on Pinterest, you know, the laundry jug with bucket for a hand washing station. Yes! It was FABULOUS! I can’t emphasize it enough. It was the best camping hack I have tried so far!
  2. When camping with young children, of course pack multiple things for them to do. But also devote a whole tent just for playing! It keeps them out of the sun and it gives them a dirt free zone to play in. {I know we are camping, dirt is part of camp life, but we don’t need to be rolling in it right?} It also gave us a place to put a potty chair for some privacy.
  3. Awesome activities included friendship bracelets, rock painting, coloring, Frisbee, marshmallow shooters, and of course card games too!
  4. A pop up canopy is a must have.
  5. Bring a bouquet of fresh flowers from your garden! Adds a nice touch to it all.

P1250634P1250654P1250628P1250637P1250656 We camped only two nights, but had a blast! Can’t wait to go again!


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