A Day In The Life

Tomorrow will mark week five of potty training. Week FIVE. I have to say, and most parents would probably agree, potty training isn’t the highlight of parenting. Not my favorite. Most, too, would also say girls are WAY easier than boys to train. That, I would have to disagree. I have made up a whole song to help, we have tried the potty seat, the little potty, training pants, pull ups, set a timer, chocolate chips, you name it we have tried it.

The weird thing is that we spent a whole weekend camping and using pull ups and she did the best ever! She was actually telling us when she had to go. But, really, she is content with a wet butt. She will do it when she is ready, that I am hopeful. It will click before she starts dating… It has to right???

We love chalkboard paint around here. Well, I guess I should say I do. This moment lasted five minutes before cars were thrown and the fighting commenced. Sigh… One of these days they will understand that brothers and sisters love each other.

P1250761 This girl is so unique. She has a personality all of her own. She loves her tutus, her rubber boots, wheels, and dirt.P1250796 P1250819 P1250826 P1250832A day in the life. It is a journey. Not one of perfection that is for sure. Living our little mess to the fullest, one day at a time.


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