Classroom Reading BEGINS!

A few weeks ago we decided to start doing classroom reading. We had got Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH at a garage sale a few weeks before and thought that would be a good place to start. I remember our Librarian Miss Shumaker reading it to my class at some point in elementary school. What a good book! The last couple days of reading this to Wyatt we read probably 3-4 chapters at a time. After all these years I still enjoyed the book.


We finished reading Mrs. Frisby yesterday. Wyatt picked out the next book, Where the Red Fern Grows. I told him when he was looking at it that it was a little sad. He put it back and said that he didn’t like sad books. Then he pulled it out again and wanted to read it.

This is one I read myself when I was younger. Wyatt is too young to do that so we’ll read it together, but I do remember reading this book at least twice before. It was a good book! So, hopefully our little man will like it just as well and will want to read it again for him self in a couple years.

We have readn’t read much over the last year except our devotions, so it has been fun getting back into a more classroom reading routine. Although cuddled up on the couch or chair isn’t quite like I had classroom reading, but important to do all the same.

A couple years ago, we read Charlotte’s Web, The Mouse and the Motorcycle, Run Away Ralph, and Stuart Little. All very good books and were enjoyed thoroughly. Looking forward to the rest of the year as I get to relive and reread all the books that enjoyed so many years ago!


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