From Boys to Men

boys to menA couple weeks ago I was hearing endless complaints about how uncomfortable and painful our Little boys shoes were. It was much to my dismay that his poor little toes were trying to break free from the tip of his shoe! Yikes! So I looked at the size {12} and went on Ebay and found a similar shoe one size up.

A week later they arrived in the mail. With much excitement they were tried on. They were too tight. But, we bumped up a whole size!?!

So, a couple days ago we went a shoe store and had his feet measured: Size 1. What? How can that be? That can’t be right!?! He grew two sizes in less than an year???

Well, so here we are. The first size on the way to manhood. We have graduated from toddler sizes and have crossed the threshold to bigger things. Can I just say this was kind of a big deal? It happens overnight. Our Little Ones become Big Ones.

Our little guy is seven. He holds imaginary adult like conversations on the phone about Bob and Carol. Bob, who just retired, promoted Wyatt to top Scientist. And with the assistance of Carol, they are able to fax and copy key research to other Scientists.

He collects rocks. Lots of rocks. Not just ordinary rocks just to say he collects rocks, but actually has a distinct and unique collection.

He loves following adults around, asking them what they are doing and why. He can hold a conversation for days…. Okay, that is a bit of an exaggeration, but even the most seasoned talkers have a hard time keeping up with him.

I have big dreams for him. Like, being a science professor teaching students that God created all things. Or doing scientific research that proves the Bible’s truths. I can even see with his boldness that he would be a great evangelists winning souls for the Lord.

Our Little Man is going to be a Big Man someday. And “someday” isn’t that far off. As he grows I pray he continues to have a heart for the Lord and will serve Him wholeheartedly. If he has that, everything else will be as it should. Praying that these little feet grow into beautiful feet that share the love of Jesus!

Romans 10:15: “…beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!”

Love you buddy!


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