Brothers and Sisters Love Each Other

I don’t remember now which one, but I heard this phrase, “Brothers and Sisters love each other” in a book I have read recently. And when I say recently, I mean sporadically  over the last year.  That stuck out to me and I have used it daily ever since as a reminder for the kids.

Next year we would like to add a wall to our bedroom making a third bedroom so the kids can each have their own room, God willing. I put together a sign and added their names around it to be placed between their bedroom doors. That way they will have a physical reminder as well.


Now, I am not trying to force my kids to love each other. I don’t have to, they do. Just sometimes selfishness rears its ugly head and a fight over “mine” ensues. That is when a gentle reminder is needed that brothers and sisters love each other…no mater what.


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