Something to Celebrate!

Today is a big day. BIG day! This morning Wyatt made a BIG decision! He accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior! We have talked about it for some time now, but he would push it off. “I’ll wait until I’m 10.” {That is how old I was when I decided to follow Jesus.} Then he changed a little and said, “I will, when I’m ready.” This morning he was ready.

It is funny how even a child clings to earthly desires and puts off submitting to God and accepting His gift of Salvation. How much more do we as adults!

He has a heart for the Lord, that I am sure of, and for that I am so grateful! Praise God!

He has been a busy boy, so I will work backwards from here. Wanted to start with the best by far!

Yesterday he lost a tooth!


That would be #6! I told him he was my little Pumpkin!

We are wearing glasses now too. He picked some flashy blue frames. Fits his personality pretty well. For now they are for reading, but if they make a difference he may wear them through out the day. We are playing that by ear.


Pretty dapper little guy. We had a rough start with them. We had them only an hour and thankfully still near the eye doctor, when we noticed the one ear piece was super loose. Took them back in to find they were broke already… Sigh… No worries. We had a new frame the next week.

School is going great. I’m mean really great. I am so impressed with him. He will sit and work straight through each subject. Things are clicking and progress is being made! We are almost done with Level 1 of All About Spelling. I sent for Level 2 and of course Wyatt got to request some more nifty art work from their super talented shipping department. He asked for a picture of Jesus. This is what they did:



How fun is that?!

I am loving our curriculum choices this year. LOVEing it. Everything has been flowing beautifully. AAR and AAS has been FANTASTIC. I can’t even begin to describe what a tremendous difference it has made.

I guess this is what happens when you don’t keep up with life on here. You get WAY behind. That should catch us up!


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