Imperfections Are Room for Growth

I recently purchased a new bible. I have been using my trusty NIV for a long time now, and after doing some research I decided to get an ESV. We have a good number of different translations which is helpful for deeper study.

I wanted to make a cover for this one since I plan on using it as my daily reader, but it has a hard cover and I wanted it to stay nice. After looking at some online tutorials I thought it was something that I could do easily if I kept it simple.

Hopefully you are not expecting a tutorial from me. My seven year old asked I would teach him to sew while I was making it. I told him Nana would be a better person to ask. I am not very good at sewing. At all.

My steam ripper and I are good friends. I would rather we were not. But I use it quite often.

I had planned on this going quickly, less than an hour. It ended up taking at least two! Sighhhhh….

At the very end, I did come away with what I wanted. Not as refined as I hoped, but project accomplished.

As I think about it, I find it fitting. My imperfections show that I have room to grow. Both here in my sewing, but in my messy life as well. Like my sewing, my life shows imperfections, I have room to grow into the person, the wife, the mom that God wants me to be.

May we all see our imperfections as room to grow!

bible cover


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