The Days Are Fleeting

Where has time gone? I have been so sporadic at updating this. Well, November, December, and January happen to be the most busiest months for me. Starting with Thanksgiving, then December was packed full of Christmas activities, now January I have had the Valentines Day Dinner that our Youth Group hosts, consuming my thoughts. Meetings spring up randomly and mess with our flow. But, we make it work.

Still, have a lot of catching up to do. So, lets get to it!

First, Wyatt is now the Chicken Whisperer. All summer these girls wanted nothing to do with us. They would run away if we were to get close. This guy, has them trained. He can make them line up in a row and stay. He loves on them daily. They are his best friends, he would say.


We have had moments of peace between brother and sister.

Aviary Photo_130933951460994004.png

We have lost a couple more teeth… 8 total so far!

Aviary Photo_130950373694963809.png

Christmas this year was a B L A S T ! Every year is really, but this year the kids got the coolest gifts! I hope they felt the love like I did.

Aviary Photo_130955725619514254.png

Em and Leta from our church gave the kids gifts. Knex for Wyatt and Kitchen food for Josie. So loving and thoughtful of them.

Aviary Photo_130955732694102309

I’m not sure how I managed to, but I found fowl jammies for the kids! Our kids love those chickens especially Wyatt.

Aviary Photo_130955735041301933

I think they made out rather well…


And can you sense the sweetness going on here?


After Christmas it finally snowed. Josie had a love hate thing going on with the snow.






Whoops! What’s going on there??? Oh, well, anyways…

We’ve been hanging out, playing games… hanging out some more. Wyatt and Josie have discovered foot soaking! Wyatt loves it. Josie keeps asking for a bowl for her feet. That was pretty fun and wet.

Schools going pretty good. Wyatt is obsessed with Classical music. You know… Bach, Beethoven, Mozart… We are getting a piano this weekend and he is going to get lessons from Pastor Kevin. I think he will do great.

I don’t know if I shared this awesome little tid bit about Josie yet, but she is so totally potty trained at last! Cousin Kerry sent a giant box of clothes the first part of November that included undies! Well, it was a day later and we were done with pull ups! Whoo hoooo! I honestly thought it would never happen! Day or night it is D O N E

Well. I think that pretty much catches us up. Hopefully at this point I can just maintain! Too much work otherwise.




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