Spring Is In The Air!

We have had a mild winter! And for that I am thankful. It was so much easier to heat our home with gaping ceilings. We have had some great progress with schooling, done some new things, have a new job to support our family, which is bringing wonderful opportunities that we wouldn’t normally have.

Wyatt has been doing great in school. We have fluency! What a extraordinary feeling after so many hurdles! We are at the moment only five more weeks to the end of Vision Therapy! We began that journey November 2014. It has been a long haul, but we can finally see the light!


We had some fun earlier this year when we went downstate for Christmas. We took the kids and our nephew to the Sea Life Aquarium. It is small and a bit pricey, but they had a good time.



So, Josie cut her hair… Annnd then I tried to fix it. An hour into it I screwed up and called my mom and she came to my rescue. Two more hours later we had a pixie! Praise the Lord Josie sat there remarkably well the whole time. Whew!


Our Josie has fine tuned her love of chickens too. She and her brother are in love with these birds!


Those poor girls are going to be going on grand adventures! They have no idea the fun that lies ahead! To be continued…. 😉





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