Life As We Know It

Boy, time sure flies by these days. I can’t believe it is already July! So much has happened since the last time I have wrote here. We have a lot to catch up on, but where to start?

I guess we will start here. The plan was to do each of the kids’ bedrooms for their birthday. We were able to finish Wyatt’s a week or so late. {Poor Josie girl is still waiting, we are a month overdue.} We decided to add pine tongue and groove to the wall to save drywall mess. It was more pricey, but really, what I wanted from the beginning. Wyatt’s bunk bed is custom made by daddy. We started out with a chicken coop bunk plan, which morphed overtime to the super tall bunk. 8 feet tall to be exact. Some people asked why so tall?  Well, because we could!



Then, we were happy to have most excellent news! Wyatt completed Vision Therapy! Yayyyyy!!!! Eye Dr. says he doesn’t need his reading glasses anymore and his vision processing/comprehension/memory is that of a 9 1/2 year old and that he is reading better than most 8 year olds she sees.

And soon after he finished 2nd grade! Whoo hoo!

So, of course I have to share a moment of silliness. Gotta love moments like these. They are rare at times!

bro and sis

Then, Josie turned 4! Like I said, we were going to do her bedroom, but time escapes us. We did manage to take down the toddler bed and give her a big girl bed instead!

big girl bed

We still have to paint… Any volunteers???

I became 19 weeks about 4 weeks ago… 🙂 I have been terrible at keeping up with belly pictures… Sorry Little One.

19 weeks

At the beginning of June we went to the Chosen Ranch Open House. They are a really neat ministry if you want to check them out here. The kids got to ride horses for the first time! Wyatt was super scared at first, then on the way home all he could talk about how he is going to get two horses, what there names are, and how fun it was. Josie was in her element. She LOVES horses. So naturally they now both want some!

13389111_1775446046075011_706152227_owyatt horse

Josie found a toad. It was funny, after she found hers, several other children of friends found some as well.

And, here we are getting up to speed! As someone who loves reading, this made my day! Finished his first book, read on his own, in his own time. There is definitely a special feeling in my heart. Especially as a mama who, by Gods grace alone, taught him to read!


Now, lets see if I can maintain updates as we experience life. I’m sure I missed things, for that I am sorry! I will try to stay on track!




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