You win some, you loose some…

This morning our typically self-centered 8 year old, surprised me. Made me tear up even. He asked me how much money we needed to have the baby and how much we had so far of what we needed. So, I told him. He went on to say that instead of saving for a horse, he wanted to give all the money he has to go towards the baby. Wow. Love moments like those! They are encouraging for sure! I told him how thoughtful, loving, and selfless that was of him and that I appreciated the offer, but saving for the baby is mommy and daddy’s responsibility. Things that make your heart sing! I would say that was a win!

Then later today happened. This same eight year old is responsible for picking up his room, making his bed, and putting away his clothes. He appeared to have cleaned up his floor really well and I even commented on the nice job he did. But, a little while later I noticed both beds on his bunk bed needed some attention. After looking closer to the top one I noticed something that disappointed me.

All the clothes I just washed and folded, the ones from the day before, and quite possibly the day before that, were thrown up on the top bunk in a heap. He has had a track record of hiding clothes instead of putting them away, but I thought we worked that out. Apparently, I was wrong. This, I would say was a loss.

So, what to do about that? This is what I did.


After I talked with him on how disappointed I was with his choice to mislead and disobey. I gathered up everything that was up there {mind you his bunk is 8 feet tall} and put it into a laundry basket. I told him that he has lost it all indefinitely until he could show me that he would consistently put his things away in their rightful homes. Anything else he didn’t put away in the future would join the things I have already taken. And he would have to pay me for what he wanted back if he hasn’t earned them first.


You win some, you loose some. But, still, we keep on training these hearts.


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