The Last Couple Months…

I keep saying I am going to improve with keeping up with what is going on, but, not so much! I am going to have to accept the fact that I have no concept of time. Period.  So, every so often I will catch y’all up! There I just lowered the bar!

So, where did I leave off? Oh, yes, August I believe!

School has been going well! I am quite pleased with how it is falling into place. No issues and smooth sailing! We have been using our local library frequently. It has allowed us so many extra resources it is just amazing! Wyatt has improved significantly in writing since last year and I am impressed with his progress. We are loving the new curriculum choices as well, they seem to be a perfect fit.

We had our 12 year anniversary. 15 if you count all the years together. Whoo hoo!


The kids and I joined some family and went to  Ocqueoc Falls. That was a really fun day! It was so beautiful although it misted the entire time. The cool thing about it is you can swim in the falls.


The rest of August was full with family reunions and such and has been going so fast… Around Labor Day my folks took the kids on a adventure northward for about five days. They all had a wonderful time. I missed them immensely.It is so different when your kids leave you, as opposed to us leaving them for a week. So quiet. Too quiet!

I had goals. I was going to read. Read a LOT. But, we also had projects. LOTS of projects. So we did projects first. And we got SOOOO much done! Josie finally got her room finished!!! Yay!!!!


I loved the way it turned out! I think Josie did too. While we were busy working the kids were busy playing…


The metal art was done by a man who creates and displays it on his own property. It is called Lakenen Land. Very well constructed, well thought out and a worthwhile visit.

In other news, we have only about 7 more weeks until we meet our little baby! So, excited! Don’t be fooled by the photo below. My kids have been bought! I had to pay 50 cents each to get their sweet smiles.


That pretty much catches us up, I would say! Whew!



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