A Birth Story: Betsie Elaine

Only a few short weeks ago we got to meet our new Little One in person. We are officially a family of five. As parents, we are out numbered. And us girls out number the boys because we are just that cool.

At 4:25 in the morning we gave birth to a healthy baby girl. This birth was special for many reasons. And as her little onesie states, she was worth the wait.


We waited four years for her. I tell that story here.

Just before 5 AM my water broke. It was kind of funny because the night before Nick had asked me if I would be “flooding him out” if my water broke in bed. Well, nothing that dramatic happened.

No contractions until 2:30 in the afternoon, but they were subtle. I carried on with my day as usual. I took Wyatt to soccer, went to the bank, and the store. I made soup earlier so we would have something easy to make in case things got serious.

Finally at 9 PM I called in my people:  Our midwife Cathy, and her assistants, Jennie and Heidi. I will note it was something special to have a friend, Heidi, who was there and who played a major role in our birth story.

After everyone got here, the excitement of it all stopped the contractions I was having. Nothing I was doing was helping them restart, so it was suggested that Nick and I go upstairs to try and rest. Skeptical was I, but I did end up falling asleep. At about 2 AM contractions started back up with great intensity, but about 15 minutes apart.

At about 3:30 Heidi checked on baby’s heart rate and went downstairs to talk with Cathy. She was encouraged by our progress and told us to go back upstairs and call when we were ready.

After getting back upstairs Nick offered to time my contractions. I would tell him when the started and when they ended. That went well until I realized he had fallen asleep. A little after 4 AM I began to feel the urge to push. After that it all happened so fast. I remember only a few pushes and she was here, our baby girl!

Within 11 minutes she was latched on and nursing well. After she was done, a whole 1 hour and 37 minutes later, Nick cut her cord. Betsie was measured and weighed. She was 20 inches long and 7 lbs 8 oz. Then we enjoyed  a herbal bath, which was a special bonding time for both of us. Seeing the look on her face when her hair was played with was priceless.

Mom brought Wyatt and Josie home around 7:15 in the morning, but didn’t share with them if they had a new brother or sister, so we got to see there faces as we told them. They got to take turns holding her. Such a neat thing watching them meet her and hold her for the first time.

Jennie and Heidi had left soon after and just before Cathy did, she gave Wyatt a science lesson and showed him the placenta and explained to him what it did. He thought that was pretty neat.

After Cathy left, my parents took the kids on an adventure and we were left to get some sleep. We had a quiet and relaxing day. It was truly a wonderful blessing to be at  home to have Betsie and we are so grateful.


We had our first visitor not long after coming downstairs. Elaine is a very special lady to our family and whose name we gave Betsie for her middle name. We have been so encouraged and loved by Elaine, who is a strong woman of faith and whose heart speaks of God often.


We settled on the name Betsie right away too. Back in January I was reading The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom. Wow. What an extraordinary true story. {If you haven’t read it, you must.} Corrie’s older sister was named Betsie. She too had a tremendous amount of faith and a heart after God and in the most difficult and challenging of times.  That kind of faith and love for God is what we want our children to have.

Over the last few weeks we have gradually adapted and transitioned as a new family of five. We are getting the hang of our new normal. The kids are in love with their new sister. Betsie has her routine of eating, sleeping and diaper changes. I look forward for the time when she allows me decent sleep, but for now, I am treasuring these precious moments.


2 thoughts on “A Birth Story: Betsie Elaine

  1. How precious you all are to me, Lacey. As I’ve told you many times, you and Nick and your growing family are, without doubt, a gift to to Terry and I from the heart of our awesome God. Much love as you follow in His steps.

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